Selling more to current customers

Customer Retention Your retention strategy is how you maximize the profitability of each customer. Just 5% increase in sales to current customers can lead to rapid growth that is difficult to match with straight acquisition. Repeat customer rate is the backbone of retention marketing. It measures the percentage of customers willing to make a second
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Create a Business Video

Video for an article or blog; create a video to illustrate or underline your message Video for social media; create vidoe fot Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram ads or posts Create a sales video; sell your product or service on social media or your web site Video for your online course; create a video to illustrate your

Local Marketing

driving business to your local business generate buss about your business in your local community.
keyword research
Keywords research is critical preparation before you start to work on your website. The content, design, site structure, images and calls to action all start with the keyword research. You learn what your prospects/customers are looking for. You get a better overview of your online and even local competition. What is the competition level in

How to Promote Your Business Online

How do you promote your business online? Many business owners believe that just by creating a nice looking website, the visitors will flock to the site and they just have to sit and wait for the money to flow in.  It doesn’t happen that way. There is no “if you build it, they will come”
List of questions to ask the Digital Marketing Agency you are considering. Can the agency tell you which campaigns and marketing efforts are working? Ask the agency to perform a preliminary audit of your current paid and earned digital campaigns. SEO, Content, Social and PPC audit should all be a part of evaluation. After the

1st Air Conditioning Company in Tampa

Alert Air Conditioning and Heating is the 1st Air Conditioning company in Tampa, established 1946. Alert AC offers residential and commercial HVAC services to the larger Tampa Bay area, Hillsborourgh, Pinellas, Pasco and Manatee counties. Alert AC offers 24 hour emergency ac repair service with no after hour charges. AC Troubleshooting Tips.
What kind of performance can you expect from you in-house PPC professional or PPC service agency? You are paying for your daily impressions and you are paying someone for managing your campaign. Do you know how the campaign is doing? How it is trending? Would 3rd party professional assessments be valuable? Maybe it will confirm
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Audit – SMART Goals – Optimized Digital Campaign – Results Here are the ingredients: Current web presence, your site presence online. Your own website, social network profiles, and the site’s search engine ranking, competitive position, traffic, popularity, conversions, and back links. Has your site ever been penalized by Google? It’s impossible to plan your future
seo misdirection

Is your SEO ass backward?

Or is your SEO service using misdirection to make you feel comfortable with the results? You have a website with low traffic, so what do you do? You go to an SEO guy, someone who tells you he can generate lot of traffic for the site, and you tell him you want to be in
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What can you do yourself, what do you need guidance on, software or professional help. This excellent Infographic on MOZ gives a good picture of the digital marketing tools available to you. https://moz.com/learn/local/digital-marketing-options
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Goal and Data Driven Marketing

Goal-driven Digital Marketing: What’s the purpose of your website? Is it to generate leads and prospects, create sales, be a communications conduit for your current customers, or just to showcase your work?     Define your Buyers Persona: Buyers Personas are fictional characters marketers create by doing research. They represent your ideal customer & help